Acoustic Consultants

We are acoustic consultants and provide engineering and consulting services

  • improved room and building acoustics

  • noise surveys and assessments

  • vibration surveys - buildings and construction sites

Why is acoustics important? And why consult an acoustics consultant?

Acoustics is the study of sound travelling in a closed space and an environment.

If poor acoustics is present in a space, the sound or noise level increases as the reverberation time is high. And high noise or sound levels are:

  • disadvantages to human well-being

  • impedes on one's concentration

  • impairs on hearing distinctly

  • causes fatigue

How does Environmentally Sound have the edge on resolving noise, acoustics and vibration concerns?

As acoustics consultants we are always working with noise, sound and, the source of both, vibration. And vibration usually comes from mechanical equipment and machinery, especially in buildings and the construction industry.

That is why we have a dedicated mechanical engineering consultancy that attends to all matters relating to mechanical vibration. This gives our acoustics consultants the support service to mitigate noise at the source of any mechanically induced noise issue; resolving a noise issue at the source, is also the most cost effective way to resolve noise problems.

How do acoustics consultants improve your environment?

  • Perform the standard industry measurements to ascertain the quality of the acoustics in the space

  • The acoustics consultant will propose sound absorbing and or architectural changes to the space

  • Reduce the noise levels of machinery by vibration control etc.

  • By Vibration Isolation to restrict transmissibility into other structures and prevent structure borne noise

As acoustics consultants, we have performed:

  • Building acoustics using the British Standard and more

  • investigated and solved the structure-borne sound from mechanical plant and other building services and auxiliary equipment

  • Determined the acoustics of rooms and their reverberation time. Improved through architectural design of the room layout and furniture.

  • Specified sound insulation material for offices and buildings, to prevent sound breaking in and breaking out, respectively.

Get in touch

Our acoustics consultants are experienced in all aspects of noise, acoustics and vibration and is registered as a corporate member of the Institute of Acoustics, and is a chartered engineer registered with the Engineering Council.

If you have any questions regarding acoustics for you office, factory, home or practice, please phone us to speak directly to an acoustics consultant.