Engineering and Operations Management

Here you'll read about our services in operations management. These are our main services in operations, that we have acquired over the years of service. However, providing an overview of the our main services, you will identify our full capabilities.

Engineering and Operations Management Overview

We provide improvements to engineering and operations management within companies by reducing their environmental impact and financial operating cost through reducing the time, labour and energy consumption of the process. Consequently, making the engineering and operations management processes more efficient and cost effective.

We have extensive experience of providing solutions to operations that require improvements to meet quality, time and financial objectives.

The following are process improvements in which we have experience and expertise:

  • We analyse and improve operations, processes and procedures, by removing unnecessary or duplicate tasks, by analysing production data and incorporating our conclusions into the process.

  • We make processes less labour intensive, and easier to implement.

  • We make employment of new staff more compatible with the company, by reducing training durations, through focusing on delivering results soon after employment, by making the process, employment friendly for temporary or short-term staff.

  • We improve engineering or management processes, for production or any process that requires refining and improvement to make it more energy and time efficient.

We have experience across most industries, and have therefore gathered extensive experience. If you would like to know whether we can help your business, please contact us on the details proviede on the contact page.

Big data analysis and implementation

In today's day and age, big data is common in most companies. But how many have actually analysed this data? Have any found a pattern that could improve the profitability of the company? Or in our case, could analysing that data make the company more environmentally friendly and, at the same time, more profitable?

Environmentally Sound have performed 'data mimng' in several industries to find trends and patterns. We have analysed large amounts of data for an assembly plant where we were given access to all the measurement data of the components that entered the assembly plant. We were also given on the quality audits, and tolerance stack-ups in order to pass the quality audits.

We worked tirelessly on this project, and found information that improved the way in which this company assembled their products.

The highlight of the project was that it was proven successful, before we felt we were complete with the task. The company has indicated to us, that the methodology that we created, is the way that they will be assembling their products.

Project management

Environmentally Sound has had extensive exposure to fundamental projects and are able to offer the customer design development, testing and certification (verification and validation) of their product, equipment and machinery.

When the project timescale was the main focus, we have made very important decisions for successful companies in saving them revenue by reducing waste. We identified where the project tasks were luxuries, a waste, and whether they were value added.

We are able to deliver projects efficiently, by making effective decisions so that all the tasks add value, deliver results that provide confidence, and progress the project. These tasks are mandatory requirements that add value and deliver progress. Consequently, providing a sense of achievement and progress to our customers and their employees, so that they too will feel a part of our organisation.

Processes and Procedures

As mentioned previously on this page, procedures and processes are very important, both for time and revenue (as known in the project management triangle of cost, resource and time).

An effective procedure should deliver the objective in the shortest timespan and using the least resources. Add value and eliminate waste. The importance is reflected financially and quality wise.

To have an effective procedure, you achieve results with no waste, saving time, resources and revenue, and are rewarded with a sense of achievement and confidence.

An effective procedure should deliver the objective in the shortest timespan and using the least resources. Add value and eliminate waste. The importance is reflected financially and quality wise.