Consulting Engineers that improve products

Engineering consultants improving products and processes

Often there is a need for new products. Usually, because of outdated equipment due to new demands.

For example operating better than their predecessors, being more cost effective and time efficient. Or for new environmental regulations.

Our mechanical engineering company focuses of two main categories:

  • Engineering design and product improvement

  • Data acquisition by surveys, measurements, instrumentation and investigation for failure cause analysis

Range of engineering support services

But sometimes detailed requirements are unknown. And for that we use our engineering services. Services that include

  • measurements, surveys and assessments,

  • investigative or forensic engineering,

  • development and certification testing.

These support services are often used together, and seldom in isolation. We use these services to find out more about the products immediate surroundings.

We use our support services to gain knowledge on the environment. The environment in which the product(s) must operate reliably or resiliently. (Or the product habitat).

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Engineering Design and Development

Our mechanical engineering design consultancy

  • improves existing products to meet new requirements

  • designs new products to meet new regulations

  • designs products, machinery and equipment to specified design requirements

We have delivered a wide range of projects considering

  • environmental conditions

  • climatic elements

  • development testing

  • environmental impact

  • certification testing

  • human interaction

The environmental tests for which we have designed and improved products, are:

  • RTCA/DO-160 Section 4 to Section 14 and Section 26

  • Mil-Std-810 Part 2

  • OEM test requirements

  • extreme and natural environments relating to noise, acoustics, vibration and vibration isolation.

With reference to the above-mentioned standards, the conditions can be very extreme. Click on extreme environmentsto read more about extreme environmental conditions.

We have a successful track record in improving products to survive environmental conditions. And have built a consulting service to engineer products and efficient processes.

If you have a design project that requires design and testing expertise, please call us on 01908 643 433.

We are here to help you. No matter how small or big the task, we are a mechanical engineering consultants for you.