Environmental Testing

Environmental testing and how we help you succeed

Environmentally Sound limited is a mechanical engineering consultancy. A consultancy that design products to operate reliably and resiliently in their environments. After all, our strap line is engineering for the environment. We address natural, more demanding and extreme environmental conditions and climate elements.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of testing. A acquired in automotive, aerospace, manufacturing industries, in environmental engineering and more. These included electrical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical equipment. Where instrumentation must perform reliably throughout its intended service life.

Typical standards to which we have improved equipment are Mil-Std-810 and RTCA-DO/160. These include temperature, humidity shock vibration. Vibration testing has many different profiles.

Profiles include sinusoidal and random vibration. And a combination of both for certain applications and airframes.

What is environmental testing?

Environmental testing exposes products to expected environmental elements and climatic conditions.

These elements and conditions are usually established from customer and product requirements. This process takes place before conceptual work commences. Ans is captured in design and system requirements documents and software like DOORS and Integrity.

Testing of any product will be to a climatic condition or an environmental element. One at a time or combination of more, i.e. vibration testing and temperature.

Environmental testing is seen by some as a 'tick in the box' exercise - a confirmation. A confirmation that the products are suitable for it intended purpose.

Why is environmental testing important for products?

System requirements and product concepts are specified before product design starts. In these phases, tests are prescribed to prove suitability for its environment.

In a validation and verification programme of a product, tests are used to confirm that it is fit for purpose. Fit to operate reliably and resiliently in its intended environment. In several industries, the product cannot be certified without proof of satisfactory testing; therefore, test is required.

Yet, there are several examples and occurrences during testing that a product does not meet the test requirement. This is usually because the software tools cannot replicate the conditions. . Or the incorrect constraint assumptions were made for the model or it was too complex to model.

The test also confirms that any assumptions made in the design phase, the design software and analyses, were correct.

For whom is this service

Environmental testing is open to anybody or company that is developing a product. Any product that will be affected by environmental elements and climatic conditions.

There are several standards and applications to which products should adhere. These include IEC, SAE J, ISO, RTCA and Mil-Std, EU and British Standards, to name a few.

How does environmentally sound help you?

We are mechanical engineering consultants with extensive experience in environmental testing. Testing involved project management, testing of the individual equipment, and managing logistics. And predominantly the engineering involved to redesign and improvement of the test units.

Our experience is in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and the natural environment. These are categorised from extreme environments to that experienced by man every day.

We have had influence on the design of equipment, instrumentation, and machinery on aircraft. From civil aircraft, like the Airbus A380 to military helicopters like the Sikorsky CH53K heavy lift helicopter. The latter requiring stringent environmental testing, especially for vibration.

Our involvement in environmental testing is to rectify and improve designs. This involved investigation, and analysis of data. And the re-design of the systems, assemblies, and components.

All necessary to pass environmental tests. Tests like vibration, shock, temperature and altitude, and other military standard environmental tests.

So, we offer more than just testing, we offer a certified product. But engineering experience and expertise in designing and improving designs. Designs that pass certification testing.

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