Lean engineering consultants for the environment

Why do we consult in lean engineering?

The answer is simple - engineering for the environment. We consult in lean engineering to minimise waste that is harmful to the environment (and to your bank account). Our service is beneficial to all companies that engineer goods for production and sale.

Read through this page to identify areas where we can help your company reduce waste, become more environmentally friendly, and profit while doing so.

What is a lean engineering environment?

Essentially, lean engineering is an approach to business operations that enables continual improvement over time. The goal is to create a lean engineering environment that improves quality, efficiency, and customer service.

Every company can achieve a lean engineering process. All they have to do is make many small incremental changes to how they work over the long term.

How does our lean engineering service benefit your business?

Environmentally Sound limited is an engineering consultant service that improves processes, product and quality. We improve engineering processes and product quality for the better of the environment, people and companies. Most importantly, reducing the cost you incur through the product engineering process.

Lean engineering saves companies money, in the form of resources, time and waste reduction. This money is then used to make companies more innovative and market competitive.

We can also implement an environmental approach that also saves you revenue by reducing pollution/waste through lean engineering.

Introduction to lean engineering

Lean principles in lean engineering have similarities to those used in lean manufacturing. But there is much more to be corrected and implemented to ensure a lean engineering process.

Why is lean engineering important today?

With the impact of C-19 virus and the unknown full impact of Brexit, future business trends are uncertain. This has a major impact on revenue generation and financial forecasting.

By adding value to every task of the project, it makes the engineering process more efficient. Efficient by reducing waste incurred by unnecessary tasks. It also improves your profit margin. Or at least, it is less financially draining by reducing waste.

How we help your company with lean engineering

We are an engineering consultancy that improves products, processes, and quality. We eliminate all waste and add value to every step of the product engineering process. Improving efficiency and engineering efficacy then becomes more financially beneficial with less waste generated. Consequently, making your business more profitable.

Our experience of lean engineering

We have experienced in identifying opportunities for lean engineering from which you can benefit. With a little help from us, your processes can be refined and profitable again.

We have experience in certifying products through verification and validation engineering, from initial product design right through to certification test reports. It is this experience that has provided us with the skills of lean engineering.

We have experience of reducing waste in all thses areas of business:

  • Design and testing processes

  • Setting design requirements

  • Design of products

  • Developing products

  • Testing products

  • Supply chains and assembly lines

  • Increasing productivity in manufacturing companies

  • Product quality improvement and warranty claims

  • Certification, validation, and verification of products for the market.

By finding the most effective approach using the most efficient methodology in reaching that goal, lean engineering will save you revenue.

The Environmentally Sound lean engineering process

Lean Engineering is a continuous improvement process implemented to increase the efficiency and efficacy of engineering departments.

Our lean engineering improvement process starts with an honest and objective assessment. An assessment of the value and performance of your engineering department.

After completion, areas and processes that are inefficient, and opportunities for adding value and eliminating waste, are targeted.

It may then be determined that it makes sense to begin a continuous improvement initiative, or something more drastic.

Each incremental step is planned and justified before changes are made. This approach feeds confidence to all the engineering team members from top management down to the engineer.

There are five areas in the engineering process that benefits from implementing lean engineering. And our lean engineering consultants will assess and analyse all five areas.

The process involves five areas are :

Managerial leadership

Lack of managerial leadership is related to relative weakness of managerial leadership and project management. Or inadequate leadership of the engineering department.

For example, sacrificing the final quality of the product because of many round trips during the product engineering process. This costs time and money, and less budget is left over to engineer good quality products.

Trained employees

This starts with the recruited engineering staff and their training to fulfil the job efficiently and correctly.

Processes and Procedures

This is the engineering process from concept to validation. Finding the shortest path to the goal, using the least amount of resources.

Tools and techniques

These assist or strengthen the process path, mentioned in the previous bullet point.

Tools and techniques include computational software and metrologies, instrumentation and test facilities all fall in the collective.

A practical example of the lack of tools and techniques is the design of experiments. All because the test facilities are not up to standard, there is a lack of interaction of tools and techniques. Both hamper each other.

Engineering intelligence

Intelligent Engineering can be described as using a balanced and optimised combination of people, processes and the most appropriate technology. All to drive the maximum advantage for a company's operating model and business processes.

Creating synergy between all these five areas will provide a lean engineering office. Designing products that most cost-effective way and using the most efficient path to market.

Adding value with every step, not just eliminating, or reducing waste.

We are more than just a consultancy. We work with your staff and managers to make your company adopt a lean engineering approach.

Lean engineering in Product and System Validation and Verification

Our lean engineering consultancy focuses on all tasks required to design and develop a product. From concept through to certification. All activities before the product goes into production.

Our experience in validation and verification in the automotive and aerospace industry has developed our refined lean engineering approach. Such as improving processes in both engineering, manufacturing, and quality improvement.

We have experience in validation and certification on 15 aircraft platforms. In testing, developing, validating and verifying electromechanical equipment for certification. It was the inefficiency of these programmes that inspired us to improve processes within the product engineering environment.

It is our knowledge and experience in lean engineering processes that improves product, equipment, and machinery quality.

For more on our experience and technical help, please read our blog webpages.

What you should do next

If you have an opportunity to implement lean engineering, please call our lean engineering consultant on 01908 643433.