Lessons learned in product engineering and testing

Introduction into our experience

We are an engineering consultancy that help companies improve their designs, processes, quality and testing regimes. We therefore decided to highlight a few lessons that we learned during our different and varied projects.

We are often called in to assist with testing. And are then asked to rectify designs of products so that they pass that test.

Areas in which we have extensive experience are:

  • manufacturing processes and assembly
  • lean engineering
  • quality improvement
  • failure investigationa and inspection
  • warranty costs
  • process improvments
  • engineering operations

Our database

Like most companies, learning gained during every project is helpful material for future projects. therefore we file them under lessons learnt.

But what use will our lessons learnt be to you, if we do not share our experiences?

On this page you shall find hyperlinks to our lessons learned of knowledge gained while performing projects. You will get an appreciation of the work that we do when you, and how not to proceed.

These lessons learned include recommendations, positive and negative aspects of the design requirements, product design, engineering processes, quality and testing. however, negative experiences have only made us better in what we do.

dentifying and documenting our lessons learned has given us the edge over most companies. The variety and industries in which we have worked gives us a broad range of skills and expertise. These we implement to design products in all industries.

Lessons learned in engineering and manufacturing

In this section you can click on a topic of interest. That link will open a dedicated page discussing that topic. The dedicated page will provide you with the why, how and what we did and the lesson that came from it.

At the bottom of the dedicated page on the topic you shall find recommended links. These are further reading on similar subjects.

Cost and revenue

Product design and engineering

Product Innovation

Product development and testing

Process improvement

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

Warranty cost and failure investigation

About Us

Processes and Procedures

  • Inefficient process used to design a new fabricated electronics box

  • How we helped improve procedures

  • How we helped improve manufacturing processes
  • Testing of equipment and components

  • Resolving failures, improving design requirements

For the natural environment

Extreme environments

  • How does design for extreme environments help the natural environment?


  • What is our engineering focus?

  • Engineering design, development, analysis and test processes

  • Too many people rely on CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). Without correlating the test results with the original CAE analysis.



  • Vibration and fatigue

  • Vibration and electronics, i.e. capacitors that fail, and why?

  • Resonance - and blade pass frequencies

  • Sterling engine

  • Rotating equipment vibration

  • Steering column: finite element updating using modal data

  • Engine transmits high vibration levels across the AV mount.

  • Vibration isolation without AV mounts

Structural dynamics

  • How we improved quality of products by improving the processes.

  • How we target the source of noise

Heat and cooling

  • Cooling electronics without forced air

Environmental testing, and resolving the failures

  • Vibration - random and sine sweep

  • Shock

  • Temperature performance

  • Humidity

  • Temperature variation

  • Waterproofness

Investigative engineering

  • Improve designs through investigating failures

  • Analyse data

  • Capacitor crack

  • Capacitor leg fractures

  • Electronics box vibration failure

  • Rotating equipment


  • How we improved product quality and reduced manufacturing cost.

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