Noise assessments for planning applications

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Planning application noise assessments

Why is a planning application required?

A noise assessment for a planning application determines the impact of noise will have on an existing noise environment, a proposed development or dwelling, or how a proposed installation will impact existing buildings, residential dwellings or the environment.

What standard is used for the impact assessment?

For residential buildings, this often involves using British Standards BS4142 and BS8233.

Summing up

Basically, noise assessments for planning applications is for the receptor, and a noise impact assessment is for the source of the noise.

As discussed in the case study on this page about the noise from the railway, the building plans for the proposed dwelling are used to determine whether adequate sound insulation is present. According to the BS8233 standard, the internal noise levels must meet the prescribed levels of the standard to get planning permission.

Are you installing an air conditioner or a heat pump?

Depending on where you live, you may need to request planning permission from your council for the installation of an air conditioner or a heat pump unit.

The reason behind this is that the new instalation may cause a noise nuisance to your neighbours. This is all depended on the background noise in your area and the noise level of the unit when operating.

If you live in a quiet neighbourhood, and you are thinking of installing an air conditioner, heat pump or similar equipment, we strongly advise you check with your council to whether you need to submit a planning application.

If the council requests a planning application for the installation, the council is most likely to request a BS4142 noise assessment over a 24 hour period detailed in a BS4142 noise assessment report, which will be submitted to the council.

If you would like to speak to us regarding a planning application or a BS4142 noise assessment, please call us on 01908 643 433.

Our projects

Here are a few examples of the noise assessments we completed in order for our clients to get planning permission. This is a diverse portfolio to give you an idea what we do.

Planning application for industrial facilities

Morris Recycling in Doncaster applied to the local council to increase their processing capacity. The council therefore requested a BS4142 noise assessment to ascertain the increase in noise when the machinery increase their capacity.

We performed an extensive noise assessment in and around the facility to gauge the noise levels. The main source of noise on the site was the shredder and it was this machine that would contribute the most noise, should the capacity increase.

Thereafter, we requested the facility to operate the machinery at a higher throughput so that we could measure the noise levels.

All noise sources and levels were reported in the noise assessment report so that the council could make an informed decision.

Planning applications for property developers

The Blue Orchid in Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes proposed to build a residential building on their property, neighbouring the restaurant.

As there is a restaurant with extractor fans onsite, the extractor fans were seen by the Bedfordshire Council as a noise source. Noise level measurements were taken over a 48 hour period to ascertain both the extractor fan noise and the background noise during the night.

if it were not for the acoustic design of the exterior walls of the buildings and the direction in which the fan was facing, the planning permission would have been granted.

By changing the extractor fan expel direction, we were able to reduce the noise levels, and meet the noise acceptance criteria of Bedfordshire Council.

What to do next

If you have a request for a noise assessment for a planning application to get planning permission, please call us on 01908 643433. We offer reasonable prices for noise assessments for planning applications.