Our noise impact assessment service

What is a noise impact assessment?

A noise impact assessment is also known as an environmental noise impact assessment.

It is an exercise of determining how noise sources will impact on the environment and/or immediate surrounding area.

Who conducts a noise impact assessment?

A noise impact assessment is a complex issue and must be performed properly. It takes a qualified and experienced professional.

In England, the noise impact assessment is performed by qualified acoustic engineers. An acoustic engineer who is a corporate member of the Institute of Acoustics, and a chartered engineer registered with the Engineering Council.

Why is a noise impact assessment required?

Reasons for the assessments, and that we have completed, are:

  • for plant installations
  • excess noise from industrial and commercial sites
  • for proposed developments
  • extended hours of operation
  • impact on existing noise climate
  • for places of worship
  • for entertainment venues

How much does a noise impact assessment cost?

We charge for a professional and chartered acoustics engineer to perform a noise assessment, write the report and provide noise mitigation measures and, if required, a noise management strategy.   The acoustic engineer is a corporate member of the Institute of Acoustics and a chartered engineer registered with the Engineering Council.

Every noise assessment is different. The cost of the assessment is based on many factors. So listing a cost here would be misleading.

We provide you with a quotation once we have the full details of the noise survey requirements. And any other documentation that is requested in the planning application.

But the quickest and most efficient way to get a quotation, is to call us on 01908 643 433 or email us your details to info@environmentallysound.co.uk.

How we help you!

As mentioned above, every noise impact assessment is different, and therefore a good understanding is required. Once you approach us, we contact the authority that granted you conditional permission to proceed. We then request full details of what they want to see in the final report.

We shall communicate with the environemtnal health officer (EHO) at your local council or at the Environmental Agency, whoever has granted conditional permssion.

Thereafter, we provide you with a quotation for delivering exactly what the council or authority have requested. This way we can quote you a reflective cost of the work required. Therefore, you get a report that puts the council at ease so that they can make an informed decision.

With Environmentally Sound you get an efficient and cost effective service. We find the most efficient way to deliver your report that will satisfy your local authority and grant you planning permission.

Where to find more information on noise impact assessments

If you require a noise impact assessment or you would like to find out more about impact assessments, please call us to discuss your requirement.

Please call us on 01908 643433.