Product innovation

Why innovate?

In our experience of product design, development and testing, we have identified several reasons for innovation. Whether it is in product design, manufacturing processes or product quality improvement.

These include:

  • The processes used to get the product to market are not efficient and cost effective.

  • The designs do not perform adequately and don't meet the original product requirements

  • The product quality does not meet the customers' expectations.

Which basically comes down to the cost of the product, operation and maintenance.

Our innovation service is for...

... companies and people that seek new designs that will excel over their competitors' products, in order to make them more competitive in the marketplace.

Consequently, making them more efficient, cost effective and having increased product quality over their rivals. Giving them flexibility in negotiating sales.

For our customers

If you are seeking an innovation firm that undertakes the management of the product and service innovation, give us a call on 01908 643433.

Why choose us?

As a mechanical engineering firm for over 20 years, we have improved products, services and product quality through a creative and an innovative approach.

For us, innovation started with environmental testing of products, equipment and machinery. During which the products did not always pass their tests satisfactorily. Hence, new innovated approaches were taken to resolve the design inadequacies.

Our engineering innovation service is supported by many of our in-house mechanical engineering services

All these afore-mentioned services support and link to our engineering innovation service. It is with these services that we identify design shortfalls and resolve them. Leading us to innovating to processes and products.

Definition of innovation

Product innovation is the creation and subsequent introduction of a product or service that is either new, or an improved version of previous goods or services.

Creativity and innovation

Creativity is the process of conceiving something new. As mechanical engineers that design products and equipment to operate better than the current product, we constantly come up with new ideas.

Having a great idea to solve a problem is the first step.

Innovation, follows creativity and new concept designs, by putting the new idea into practice by engineering the new concept to work.

Innovation Engineering

Innovation Engineering is defined as a method for solving technology and business problems for organizations who want to innovate, adapt, and/or enter new markets using expertise in emerging technologies.

Next steps

We want you to experience the service that we provide, so that you can succeed and expand your business with the funds saved by doing business with us.

TIf you have any questions about this service or any other service in which you are interested, now is the best time to call us on 01908 643433.

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