Vibration Monitoring for construction and demolishing

Introduction to Ground Borne Vibration and vibration monitoring

Ground borne vibrations are commonly caused by demolition, heavy construction machinery and their activities on a construction site or earth works. This ground borne vibration can travel for miles underground and can cause irreparable damage to buildings.

The vibration experienced, depends on the distance of your location from the source. The magnitude of the vibration depends on the capability of the construction machinery and the height between the water table and the ground surface.

What ground borne vibration surveys and ground vibration monitoring do we offer?

We use British Standard BS 6472 to perform ground vibration surveys on and near construction sites, railway lines, demolition sites etc. or wherever the vibration survey is required.

Is vibration monitoring necessary?

A ground borne vibration survey is usually requested from the local planning authorities, i.e. council, usually when requesting to build and when large construction equipment will be required, before and/or during construction of the proposed building or dwelling.

How we help you?

If you require a ground-borne vibration survey with a concise report, give us a call to discuss your requirements. We perform attended and unattended (automated) vibration surveys.

Our ground vibration surveying and construction vibration monitoring experience

We are very experienced mechanical vibration engineers that have an excellent appreciation of vibration caused by construction equipment and how they contribute to ground borne vibration.

Whether we monitor ground vibration, permit certain vehicles on site to lessen the ground borne vibration, or even improve their design, we can help you.

We use high quality equipment to record and monitor vibration. Whether we are on site or monitoring the vibration remotely, we ar able to help you.

We want you to get planning permission and move on with the construction. That is why we offer this service. To ensure you don't need to deal with non-construction matters.

What guidelines do we use?

  • Our extensive experience and knowledge in vibration and vibration analysis

  • We use the BS5228 standard readily as reference and when the planning authorities request the use of the standard.

  • Mitigation is usually with the machinery used on site, and in that case we assign our mechanical vibration consultants.

If you require a ground borne vibration survey?

If you require a ground borne vibration survey or construction vibration monitoring, now is the right time to call us on 01908 643 433.

We are within commutable distance from London, Cambridge, Oxford, Coventry and Birmingham.

We are here for you!

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