Environmental engineering to benefit all of us!

Creating synergy between the environment, people, machinery and processes

Be environmentally aware, and increase your profit margin!

Why choose Environmentally Sound?

  • Dedicated to protecting the environment and those that live in it.
  • Experienced and professional engineers.
  • Broad and in-depth engineering knowledge.
  • Diverse experience of improving processes and procedures.
  • We help you become more environmentally aware, and save you revenue.

We focus on these 4 entities


Protecting our natural environment from the influences of machinery and people. Striving to recover the natural environment from the effects of pollution.


Creating a healthy natural environment in which current and future generations can live healthier lives. Reducing medical conditions, stress etc. and improving living and working experiences.


Minimising machinery pollution like air pollution, noise and vibration and throughout its lifecycle. Driving toward pollution control, we engineer more refined equipment that can operate unnoticed in the natural environment and around people.


Reducing waste through effective procedures and efficient process. Efficient processes utilises less resources and time. Improving design methodologies, testing, manufacturing and quality control to save you money.

By addressing only one of these four entities will improve the environment, and save your company money.

By seeking collaboration among these four entities, you'll improve your profit margin, and most importantly, create a better natural environment for the future.

We're here to improve your company, its processess and products. So that you can increase your profit margin.

About Us

We have over thirty five years' experience in engineering products to operate reliably in their immediate environment. Whether operating in the natural environment or in extreme environments, our experience in several different industries like engineering consultancy, Formula 1, aerospace, automotive and environmental testing, is valuable to our way forward.

We are an independent consulting engineering company focused on the environment, processes, the products that operate in it, and the people that live and work in that environment. Ensuring that you save money while doing so.

We are dedicated to mitigating the harming aspects within the environment. We aim to resolve problems effectively and in the most financially efficent manner. Read further

Our Process

Ask a question

Or a no obligated telephone conversation for us to understand your requirements.


An online or face to face meeting to discuss areas or products that you perceive non-profitable or problematic.


We povide you with our recommendations to improve your company and/or your company's products or services.


We work with you to implement our recommendations at your company location.

Honesty. Integrity. Promise.Trust.

Honesty, so we progress efficiently

We do what's right, so that all of us can benefit.

We stand by our promise.

With the afore-mentioned, you can trust us.

Are you as passionate as us about protecting and improving our environment?

We believe that you are concerned! And that you would like to see a change soon.

We ensure you that you will save your company money, when we help you with any of the four entities.

We're looking forward to working with you.