Noise Consultants, Vibration Consultants and Engineering Consultants

Attending to noise and vibration matters impacting on work and the natural environment.

Noise Consultants

As acoustic consultants we attend to all matters relating to noise in residential, commercial, industrial, and environmental settings.

Our services are in noise assessments and surveys, noise monitoring, noise modelling, environmental (noise) impact assessments and noise mitigation.

We assess and report on noise in accordance with BS 4142, BS 8233, BS 5228, BS 6472, BS 7445, ProPG, WHO, NPSE, NPPF, PPG24, DMRB, BB93 and CoPA.

Vibration Consultants

Vibration is the core to our existence; with over 25 years in vibration consulting and engineering we are recognised as specialists in this field.

As engineering consultants we provide vibration services in all industry sectors including construction.

Our services include vibration monitoring, vibration recording, structural analysis, vibration exposure, hand arm vibration and much more.

Engineering Consultants

We are also mechanical engineers and environmental engineers, and we focus on design for the environment - designing products to withstand environmental conditions and to blend in with the surroundings.

With our extensive experience in acoustics and engineering, and our professionalism to always provide the best results and solutions, it's a combination that guarantees your project the greatest chance of success.

Our consulting services for your business

Environmentally Sound provides professional services in engineering for the environment. Consulting services to ensure products and processes are environmentally sustainable, compatible, and robust.

The services we provide are in acoustic and engineering consulting. One or the other, or a combination. A combination that goes hand in hand in helping your business contribute to a sustainable environment, meeting national and locel regulations and legislations

Our approach is to create efficacy and efficiency. Through this approach we reduce waste to complement a sustainable environment.

This comes naturally to us as we are very experienced consulting engineers and business consultants with 25 years' industrial knowledge.

Engineering products for the natural environment

We strive to provide a sustainable environment for the world's population and future generations.

Therefore, we design all products to blend in with the natural environment, leaving no trace of the product once removed. This we achieve by implementing the practice of good environmental engineering principles.

We have designed, developed and tested equipment for over 20 years across many industry sectors.

Improving products for better performance in its immediate environment. From environmental impact assessments to improving environmental conditions. Focusing on water and air pollutant control and noise mitigation.

When designing new products, we seek to create SYNERGY between man, machine and the environment. Through cost effective and efficient engineering and processes.