The independent mechanical engineering company for product design and improvement. Ensuring products, equipment and machienry function reliably and resiliently in their immediate environment

The mechanical engineering ccompany to engineer products for their environment

To solve an engineering problem effectively and efficiently; one must first understand the problem!- Paul, Mechanical Engineering Consultant

The director of Environmentally Sound Limited, a mechancial engineering company, has worked on many projects relating to natural and extreme environments.

Where the products were exposed to environmental conditions and climatic elements. Most of which were overlooked at the design stages. And caused concern and/or failures on test and in service.

The most prominent design flaws, test and in-service failures, and non-compliances were related to environmental conditions and climatic elements.

This is why he started Environmentally Sound Limited.

Ensuring that products, machinery and other products operate environmentally robustly, reliably and resiliently.

Why you should use Environmentally Sound Limited

  • Extensive experience and knowledge in vibration, noise, acoustics, structural dynamics and other environmental requirements and conditions.

  • Expertise in designing, development, improving and testing products to meet the demands of natural and extreme environments, and climatic conditions.

  • Experienced professional engineers registered with relevant professional institutes

  • A broad and in-depth understanding of other engineering disciplines

  • Cost effective solutions implemented in reasonable time

  • Practical and efficient solutions to design challenges

  • Experienced in instrumentation, measurements, analysis and investigative engineering

Vibration control, monitoring, measurement and analysis

Our main competencies and experience in vibration:

Noise surveys, assessments, analysis, mitigation and reduction

Our services as they relate to noise

  • surveys and assessments

  • a practical approach to noise reduction and mitigation

  • noise modelling

  • noise reduction by improving the design of the source

Structural Dynamics, modal testing and product design

Our experience in structural dynamics started in 1996.

Typical services include:

  • data analysis

  • structural surveys, including modal analysis and impact hammer testing

  • manipulation of mode shapes to improve more favourable structural behaviour

  • model updating

Acoustics - room and architectural

  • acoustic assessments

  • improving room acoustics

  • improving building acoustics by considering vibration, structural dynamics and noise for the solution

"We are not just for the environment; we also engineer products to be more environmentally compatible and robust."

Design Engineering

We are not just for the environment; we also engineer products to be more environmentally compatible and robust.

As an engineering consultancy that ensures that products meet design requirements for their habitat, it is only appropriate that we improve and design products to operate resiliently and robustly in their environments.

Ensuring that they stay environmentally sound.

We offer the following services to realise your product:

  • Product design

  • Industrial design and design for manufacturing

  • Environmental design - including design for the natural environment and the extreme environments

  • Improvement and design of machinery and equipment