We are a mechanical engineering and acoustics consultancy

What do we do?

  • we design and improve products, machinery and equipment to

    • function reliably in extreme environments

    • operate resiliently and unnoticed in their immediate environment, surrounding environment and natural environment

    • meet current and future environmental legislations and regulations

  • Improve product quality for a better customer satisfaction and financial return

  • Improve engineering processes for more efficient company operations

  • Conduct development and certification testing of products, machinery and equipment.

  • Investigative engineering, failure investigation, root cause analysis and corrective actions

  • Mechanical maintenance of mechanical plant and equipment

Who is a typical customer of Environmentally Sound Limited

Our mechanical engineering consultancy services are for anybody that wants a product designed or has performance related issues with their products, machinery and equipment.

Why are our consultancy services important to you?

  • Our extensive experience and knowledge in investigative engineering of products failures has given us unprecedented ability to design robust and reliable products.

  • Creative minds that think outside the box for innovative designs that give you improved product performance and an increased return on investment.

  • Well versed in model updating using measured data to improve numerical models and analysis, that has provided us with an efficient process to robust new designs.

  • Extensive experience in development testing and certification testing has aided us to a trialled and tested process to satisfactory product performance.

  • Proven track record for increasing product and engineering processes has delivered a cost effective appraoch for your product quality goal.

  • We have a broad knowledge and experience of engineering across several engineering disciplines and operational management that eanlbes us to communicate to engineers across different disciplines, senior management and shareholders.

All these above is what is put into the design of a product, equipment and machine. Ensuring that the complete process, from design requirements right though to production, are efficient and cost effective.

Our mechanical engineering services are sub-divided into:

  • Innovation

  • Product or machinery design

  • Product improvement

  • Analysis of numerical models

  • Failure investigation

  • Performance and field measurements

  • Corrective designs

  • Low volume manufacturing

  • Product development

  • Product testing

  • Product quality improvement

  • Process improvement for design and manufacturing

  • Equipment, plant and machinery maintenance


Product innovation for us is to find the most cost effective improved design, one that increases the return on your investment.

Product design

Designing a product or machine that has increase product quality, reduce processes and utilises design criteria of the companies previous best performing products.

Creative minds and out of the box thinking gives us the edge over most mechanical engineering consultancies.

And through this approach, we are able to design simple and uncomplicated designs using the basics of mechanical engineering, which can easily and cost effectively be manufactured.

Design improvement

This then takes us back in the cycle to product design, and all the findings are then fed into the new design concept.


This is typical analysis performed on the model of the product, equipment or machine to ensure the product will endure the environment in which it will operate and operate reliably and resiliently.

Measurements and instrumenting products and structures

To understand the behaviour of the product in the field, during development and product testing, we instrument the product with necessary transducers in order to understand the actual behaviour.

This then gives us true understanding of the product and is used to compare with the analysis results and to update the numerical model.


Simulation of the physical product is possible with updating the analysis model with the product s physical environmental and structural behaviour.


Development of new designs and product by performing environmental testing and functional testing of the product.


Product certification as for aircraft equipment, which follows a stringent testing regime.

Investigative engineering

Investigation of product failures within the field or on test. This helps us redesign or improve the product to operate within its environment.

Problem solving

This relates to investigative engineering and is initiated once the cause of failure of a product is determined.

Engineering process improvement

As very experienced mechanical engineering consultants, we know the most efficient approach to get a product to market. Eradicating the 'luxury' tasks from the mandatory tasks.

Increase product quality

From individual components to complete assemblies, we have a successful track record of increasing product quality.

Low volume manufacturing

We manage the manufacturing of the products. For manufacturing, the design of the product would have been optimised to minimise the manufacturing process.

This is done by ensuring the design itself does not have, i.e. unnecessary 'luxuries", unnecessary tight tolerances etc. where they are not required. This service aspect comes from being in the engineering field for over 20+ years.

What do we want?

We want to help you improve your products to meet the design requirements of an ever changing market, legislation and product regulations.

Designing it efficiently and cost effectively to increase your return on investment.

What you should do next

If you are designing or developing products, and need guidance on anything mentioned above, feel free to give our mechanical engineering consultancy a call or send us an email.