Cutting business costs to increase your net profit margin

by implementing

Effective engineering of your products

Ensuring that you add value with every task and step you take. From design requirements to certification testing.

Efficient processes for the product lifecycle

Using the least resources (labour, time, money, materials etc.) to deliver your products to the market.

Improved quality for your products

Improve the quality of your products through effective engineering and efficient processes. This will promote your product and reduce warranty claims.

Making your business competitive in the marketplace.

What is your business operating cost? Would you like to increase your profit margin?

Is it expensive to engineer new products?

Are your processes wasting resources?

Is your product quality competitive in the marketplace?

And are all these above impacting your profit margin?

These are all areas that we have improved for our customers!

“This is the way we’ll be building our products in the future” – Dept. Manager, Thomas Vance

Our customers now save money on engineering, manufacturing and quality improvements.

Have improved quality

Saved money with efficient processes

... reducing the cost of running their business

What we offer you will simplify your business operations. Increasing your profit margin, and making you competitive in the marketplace.

Our Philosophy

We know you are striving for a successful business and profitable business, with a good profit margin.

In order for you to succeed, you must make a profit while still being competitive in the marketplace.

The challenge is the cost of running a business. Reducing the cost of the business process. One feels helpless and frustrated when the cost of running a business eats into gross profit margin.

There is always a solution. We understand the challenges of running a business, and we are here to help you.

Here’s how we work

You explain to us your current challenge. When we accept your challenge, we schedule a visit to your company. We resolve the challenge, and implement the solution.

Flexible payment terms are available for SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

Our Process

Ask a question

Or a no obligated telephone conversation for us to understand your requirements.


A meeting to discuss areas or products that you perceive a waste or problematic.


We provide you with help to increase your profit margin.


We work with you to put in place our recommendations at your company location.

Over the last 10 years, we have cut operational costs for many customers.

It makes us proud when receiving a phone call from a customer, to thank us one more time for saving them time and money.

This current financial climate has affected most companies. You now stand at a crossroad, and you must make a decision.

Think back to why you started your business. Those reasons alone will drive your decision.

In engineering and manufacturing , there are two options to increase your profit:

  1. Sell more products, which requires more customers and sales.
  2. Reduce the cost of engineering and manufacturing those products.

By cutting the cost of manufacturing, and reducing waste. You are able to sell at the normal price; thus increasing your net profit margin. This in turn increases your profit.

We are here to help you increase your profit margin, without increasing your sales. When the economy recovers, sales will increase and your profit will increase too.

We make your company more cost effective. So we focus on:

Cost effective engineering

Cost effective meaning?

Focusing on the design and tasks that will deliver the end product. Ensuring that you add value with every step you complete. From design requirements to certification testing.

Our company has many years' experience in:

  • cost effective analysis of engineering and manufacturing processes, and ways to reduce waste
  • product design engineering so that products survive and operate reliably and resiliently.
  • investigative engineering in determining the roots cause of failure, and rectifying the design.
  • improving the design of products, when the product failed during certification testing.

Efficient processes

What are efficient processes?

Using the least resources (labour, time, money, materials etc.) to realise your products.

We have improved processes in operations management, engineering and quality. And have reduced the cost of manufacturing for several companies.

  • reduced the time taken to collate a large document formal document with test results.
  • • improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes, by cutting the waste of resources. So that the process is cost effective.
  • improved product design engineering process, cutting resources, time, and money.

Improved quality

We focus on engineering and processes to improve product quality. Through effective engineering and efficient processes to deliver improved quality. Quality is the end result of your engineering and processes for making your products.

Too often, we have seen that people in different departments work in silos. (If you have experienced this in your organisation, we can help).

This process does not add value with every step. As every silo is isolated to the requirements of everybody involved int he delivery of the product. Everybody in the company must understand the end goal.

For instance, you are designing a product that must operate on a plane. To prove the reliability, the aviation authorities need certification testing. If your designers are unfamiliar with the testing, how can they design the product? As they do not have the correct requirements.

We have seen this many times in product design and in testing. For example, having inadequate testing facilities to perform the design of experiments.

We have improved quality:

  • on assembly lines by analysing the metrology to improve assembly for better quality
  • by design
  • by investigating warranty claims

and you can keep the quality of your products through quality control

As a product design consultancy with an experienced engineering design team in:

  • mechanical engineering
  • environment design
  • engineering solutions or solution engineering
  • design and development engineering,
  • product and environmental testing,
  • product quality improvement, and
  • process improvement.

We have the product engineering expertise to cut operating costs. And to save you money and increase your net profit margin.

We are here to help you on your way to a high profit margin business. Ensuring you have a good net profit margin.