Acoustic Consulting Services in Noise, Vibration and Acoustics

Engineering for the natural environment

To avoid noise pollution and disturbance to the environment, we engineer solutions. We combine our problem-solving abilities with engineering principles to design and develop machinery and equipment to be environmentally compatible.

Our objective is to design all products to operate resiliently and reliably in its environment. And to blend in with the Natural Environment, without disturbance.

Engineering for extreme environments

Extreme Environments have severe climatic conditions and environmental elements. It's an environment that has excessive physical elements outside the scope of our living environment.

We design, develop and test products and equipment that must function reliably and resiliently in extreme environments.

Benefit financially with our lean engineering processes

Engineer a product from concept to certification with our experience and lean engineering processes for cost reduction. We can engineer products efficiently by cutting waste and focus on the tasks that add value.

To learn more about how we can help you realise your products for less, please call us now.

Our consulting services for your business

Environmentally Sound provides professional services in engineering and business consulting. Consulting services to ensure both products and processes are environmentally sustainable, compatible, and robust. These services extend from design requirements to the end of product warranty life.

The service we provide is business and engineering consulting. Not one or the other, but a combination. A combination that goes hand in hand in helping your business reduce costs, increase profits and contribute to a sustainable environment.

We provide consulting services for your business. Our approach is to create efficiency in all processes, whether it's engineering, business or both. Through this approach we reduce waste to complement a sustainable environment. Our approach will cost you nothing; see this as a collateral benefit.

Through this approach we reduce costs and waste. Subsequently increasing revenue for your business which allows you to be more flexible in the market and negotiations.

In both business consulting and engineering consulting, we have the expertise to help companies in various industries.

This comes naturally to us as we are very experienced consulting engineers and business consultants with 25 years' industrial knowledge.

Engineering products for the natural environment

We strive to provide a sustainable environment for the world's population and future generations.

Therefore, we design all products to blend in with the natural environment. Leaving no trace of the product once removed. This we achieve by implementing the practice of good environmental engineering principles.

We have designed, developed and tested equipment for over 20 years across many industry sectors.

Improving products for better performance in its immediate environment. From environmental assessments to improving environmental conditions. Focusing on water and air pollutant control and noise mitigation.

When designing new products, we seek to create SYNERGY between man, machine and the environment. Through cost effective and efficient engineering and processes.

Engineering equipment and machinery for extreme environments

Often, when designing a product to operate in the natural environment, there are components that will experience a more extreme environment. More extreme to that of the natural environment.

In this case these extreme environments are man made. Like designing a jet turbine to power a plane. The vibration levels on the engine are far more extreme than experienced in the natural environment.

We have designed equipment to operate reliably and resiliently in extreme environments; this we've done for over 15 years. We will take your business through technology transformation to improve your products and product quality. Successful transformation will reduce your overheads and increase your profit margins.

Products for extreme environments are assessed against established environmental testing standards and regulations. Our experience and skills gives us the ability to design products and machinery. To design cost effectively and time efficiently to meet these standards.

Adopting environmental processes that also benefit you financially

Engineering Processes

These processes tackle a range of projects and environmental problems in industry. And reduce operational waste in companies that produce tangible goods.

We improve processes to reduce waste, reducing your carbon footprint , saving you time, and freeing up revenue. This way you adopt an environmentally friendly business while increasing your revenue.

Engineering consulting

By implementing effective engineering in projects and processes, companies can eradicate waste in time, resources and material. Ensuring that they add value with every task and step that they take. From design requirements to certification to the end of the warranty period.

We improve the quality of your products through lean engineering by implementing effective and efficient engineering processes. This will promote your product and reduce warranty claims. Making your product flexible to negotiations and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We're an engineering consultancy providing innovative solutions and a business consultancy in management consulting, business transformation, and business operations. We implement improved processes to improve product quality through both management and engineering.

So, give us a call today, and talk to us about the areas that you would like to improve.

We are Environmentally Sound Engineering for the Environment.