Vibration Consultants

Environmentally Sound Limited focus on creating synergy between man, machinery and the environment. And one field in which we provide consultancy to achieve this goal is vibration.

As acoustics, noise and vibration consultants, our experience covers all aspects of vibration. We focus on vibration as found on mechanical machinery where vibration is harmful to the machine itself, as the origin of the noise made by the machines, and as radiated off walls in a building.

Vibration is a specialist field within mechanical engineering, and also the source of noise. We provide consultancy in both.

With reference to vibration as the source of noise, we are also a noise and acoustics consultancy that mitigate and reduce environmental noise. In this case, we are able to mitigate noise anywhere between the source and the receptor.

We are able to resolve the incompatibilities where vibration is not welcome. This is typically found in the environment and\or the machine that must operate in such an environment.

Our experience in vibration started 25 years ago addressing vibration and fatigue on truck trailers, aircraft engine frames, commercial vehicles, mine shafts and automotive components.

Over the years we became consultants consultants working with blue chip companies helping them with addressing unwanted vibration in their assemblies and vehicles. Often this required us to meet with their customers to resolve issues.

This consulting service led to us testing and developing electrical and mechanical equipment for the aerospace industry. In which we rectified and improved the designs to withstand typical vibration environments in which aircraft equipment must operate reliably and continuously.

This is the area in which we have essential expertise to anyone that is designing equipment for a vibration environment. These expertise include modelling and analysis of the component, development and qualification testing, to model updating, failure inspection and problem solving.

No matter what the vibration implication is on your design and product, we have a wide range of expertise and skills in resolving vibration matters.

We are vibration consultants that engineer for the envrionment

  • to operate resiliently and reliably in their environment

  • to operate unnoticed in quiet environments

  • mitigate vibration exposure to operators

  • mitigate vibration to reduce noise radiation

As vibration consultants and vibration engineers we perform

  • Vibration investigation, failure analysis and resolution

  • Vibration monitoring

  • Vibration recordings

  • Vibration analysis

  • Modal testing and analysis

  • Vibration surveys

  • Design products for vibration environments

  • Vibration control

  • Vibration isolation

  • Vibration mitigation for natural environments

  • Rotating machinery vibration

  • Instrument strain gauges

  • Structural Dynamics

Why do our vibration consultancy services matter?

We are professional consultants and engineers, with chartered engineers and corporate members of The Institute of Acoustics that have dedicated their careers to become specialists in vibration, structural dynamics, noise, and acoustics.

As engineering consultants, we have over 25 years’ experience in vibration and structural dynamics, improving products like equipment, instrumentation, machinery, and vehicles.

Our experience is in:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Mining

  • Marine

  • Power generation

Typical work we have successfully completed:

  • We have improved designs to pass vibration testing for certification

  • Manipulated the structural behaviour of designs to be more favourable to their environment

  • Mitigated noise by vibration control

  • Investigated and corrected vibration failures

  • Reduced vibration exposure by redesign

  • Measured and analysed vibration data to resolve all the above.

What should you do next?

Vibration is present in every industry, and our vibration consultants are here to help you. Whatever vibration concern you have, our vibration consultants can fix it for you.

If you have any requirement for a vibration consultant or vibration engineer, please call us on 01908 643 433. You shall speak to a experienced vibration consultant immediately.

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