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We are very experienced and proficient in vibration analysis.

We work with vibration and noise every day, as it's a vital part of our business.

We perform analysis in:

And in everything we do as vibration consultants and engineers. Analysing vibration data is the first step to resolving a vibration problem.

Vibration analysis is only the beginning for us

As Vibration Consultants we:

  • firstly, we interpret what the vibration means

  • we then look at how we can prevent it, and

  • whether the product requires structural modification to improve the vibration content.

Using vibration analysis to improve your products, machinery and equipment

When it involves vibration, vibration analysis helps us improve your designs. Whether they are destined for the natural or extreme environments.

We can help you achieve excellent products that are very competitive in the market.

We can help you achieve excellent quality products

Do you need experienced vibration analysis consultants?

Give us a call if you have a question relating to vibration analysis. We can help you succeed.

What is vibration analysis

The term 'vibration analysis' has the same meaning throughout all industries. Which is analysing vibration data to understand what occurred during the vibration recording.

Vibration analysis of vibration recordings

Vibration is recorded with accelerometers and recording equipment. It can be recorded as a function of time and frequency. Interpreting this data requires a certain amount of processing to present it in a suitable format.

Once the vibration analyst is comfortable with the presentation, they can then preform vibration analysis to understand the meaning of the vibration in context in which it was recorded.

Vibration analysis in condition monitoring

In Condition Monitoring, accelerometers are place on the components of interest, i.e. bearing housings, to record the vibration content during operation. (The producer or manufacturer of that bearing will have vibration content)

When the bearing is first installed, as new, the bearing housing will have a specific bearing vibration profile. This is known as the baseline vibration data, observed as a snapshot at the beginning of operation.

When the bearing wears over long term operation, the vibration recorded will change in relative to the baseline recording.

This change is a sign or warning that the bearing's failing. For different failure modes of bearings, the bearing vibration appears different. The vibration trace is then compared to vibration traces of known bearing failures, which have been determined over time or during laboratory tests.

Hence, in condition monitoring, vibration analysis compares vibrations detected on equipment with vibration content under failure or near failure conditions. The main objective is to plan necessary maintenance, to prevent unexpected downtime.

Definition of vibration analysis

So, in a simpler definition, vibration analysis is a process conducted on vibration data to understand what the vibration data means and the mechanism behind it. What is causing this vibration content?

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