Engineering Services

Introduction to our environmental engineering services

Here you'll read about the engineering support services that we provide. This is an overview of our services that we offer our customers, but not the only. You'll appreciate our full potential by reading further.

These services are required to design environmentally friendly and compatible products. Read more in Engineering

We offer services relating to the entire product lifecycle, from cradle to the grave. We improve designs, investigate failures and determine root causes. We are well versed in all the aspects of a product's lifecycle.

All our projects adhere to relevant, industrial, legislative and regulatory standards. These standards are present in aerospace, marine, automotive, mining and industrial sectors.

We design and engineer compatible products. We provide several engineering services to complement the design of your product. We provide technical and managerial supportive services in combination with each other.

Additionally, we also make your entire product recyclable.

"Engineering synergy between the environment, people and machinery!"

Surveys, measurements and assessments

We perform measurements to assist the design and improvement of products and machinery. To design workable products, we determine the conditions of the environment. (Surveys are typically performed to gather information about an environment, structure etc.).

Other than for particular product functions, the design for the environment is important, as the environment could influence the warranty terms.

We perform noise, sound and acoustic surveys for planning permission. For bench marking and/or for reporting purposes. This could be for any environment.

But our expertise and experience includes mitigation measures. This is where out experience is helpful. Not only do we perform surveys and assessments, but we can mitigate the source of the problem.

Whatever we propose, it is certain to be cost-effective, and beneficial to all parties.

We instrument structures and equipment to determine their behaviour in their environment. This is to understand the environment and to understand why there is a design inadequacy. This is part of investigative engineering, which is also an area of expertise that we have.

Investigative Engineering

Often machinery and equipment fail in their environments for various reasons. We investigate the equipment to determine the root cause of the failure.

Through inspection and analyses we will learn the cause of failure. Then recommend improvements or redesign of part or the entire product.

As in the case studies on this website, we will find improvements. We will seek the least costly method and the least costly component of the product to improve.

Our investigative expertise is evident throughout this website.

If you have any questions, please email us or fill in the contact form on the contact page.


We use compliance testing to determine the functioning and the reliability of the product. This gives you the confidence in your product. You'll gain more confidence when testing your products according to standards and regulations.

We design products and equipment for the natural environment and for extreme environments. We oversee testing equipment for the aerospace industry according to industrial standards. These include RTCA/DO-160 and Mil-Std-810. These standards prescribe methods for different planes and environmental elements.

Vibration testing of equipment declares more non-compliances than any other environmental test. We have improved designs to survive vibration testing, and other environmental conditions. And have gained much experience improving designs over the last 14 years.