Vibration Engineering Consultants

What is vibration engineering, and what do vibration engineering consultants do?

As vibration engineering consultants we investigate, engineer and design solutions for vibration and noise (as a result of vibration) problems. This is usually because the products are unreliable or they fail in these environments.

As vibration engineering consultants in vibration, noise, structural dynamics, stress analysis, fatigue etc. we are able to design products, machines and equipment

  • to withstand vibration and vibration environments - usually in extreme environments.

  • reduce vibration levels of the equipment and machinery to prevent harm to the operators and to reduce unwanted noise radiation

The main activities that relate to vibration engineering consulting are:

Who needs vibration engineering consultants?

Our vibration engineering consultants help customers improve products to ensure that they operate resiliently and reliably within vibration and extreme environments.

These environments are seldom realised and often overlooked. And are present in several industry sectors.

Our experience as vibration engineering consultants

Our vibration engineering consultants' experience is across several different industries, and we have improved products, instrumentation, equipment and machinery to operate robustly within vibration environments.

Here is a list of typical work we undertake:

  • Manipulated the natural frequencies of structures to prevent resonance issues and fatigue

  • with our vast amount of experience in vibration testing, we have designed products and improved the structural behaviour and strength of products to pass their vibration tests

  • also as a result of vibration testing, we have improved the design of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and the mounting of electronic components to survive and function reliably throughout their vibration test without failure

  • investigated vibration and fatigue failures and improved the designs thereof based on the vibration data acquired and analyses performed.

These are just a few examplez of the work we've completed successfully. We are very experienced i nvibration engineering and have a vast amount of vibration expertise

If you have any vibratino problems that you want resolved, or fatgue failures that are failing your equipment, please give us a call on 01908 643433

Engineering for the environment

If you are familiar with environmental testing, i.e. aerospace certification, you will understand why our strap line is "engineering for the environment!"

The experience and expertise of our vibration engineeering consultants is in designing and improving products to:

To understand the terms natural and extreme environments, please click on the buttons hereafter for a more in-depth discussion.

How our vibration engineering consultants design for the natural environment

Our vibration engineering consultants improve equipment and machinery by design to quieten or lessen the noise radiated from all products, equipment and machinery. We refine products so that they are less harmful to the operator and less noisy to the surroundings.

We minimize noise pollution to protect the environment; not only to meet industrial standards, regulations and legislations, because it is the right thing to do.

We are able to help with design for the natural environment at any stage of the product evolution. We can support you from investigations through to testing.