Noise consultants providing noise assessments, surveys and monitoring

Introduction to Environmentally Sound Noise Consultants

We are noise consultants that perform noise measurements, monitoring, assessments and impact assessments with reports that will be accepted by local and national authorities.

We are also noise consultants in designing and improving products, machinery, and equipment to blend in with the natural environment. With the emphasis on restricting pollution of all kinds, including noise and vibration pollution by noise control and vibration control.

We improve products to blend in with the natural environment by meeting current noise legislation and regulations. We perform noise assessments and surveys that provide mitigation measures and noise management strategy reports as required.

We also provide noise assessments, surveys and reports as a stand-alone service. And provide independent specialist advice for all environmental noise concerns.

Who needs a noise assessment?

A noise assessment and report can be requested by anyone that has a noise related problem. Whether it is related to a new product design, for planning permission and more.

We serve a wide range of industry sectors nation wide.

Why do you need a noise assessment report?

Noise assessment reports or noise survey reports are usually requested by your local authorities. Local authorities like your town council to grant you planning permission. This could be for a new build, or a conversion from a commercial building to a residential dwelling, residential development etc.

Whatever the reason, the council is seeking an indication or an evaluation of the noise present by providing an approved document. And how noise impacts the environment and residential dwellings in the area.

If a noise management strategy report is requested by the planning authorities, we can provide a report.

All the work relating to noise is conducted by chartered engineers that hold full membership to the Institute of Acoustics.

Why use Environmentally Sound noise consultants?

Noise is usually emanated from vibrating surfaces. The energy behind the vibrating surfaces is usually a mechanical machine or equipment.

As mechanical vibration and noise consultants, we are able to resolve noise concerns. Noise concerns anywhere between the source and the receptor of the noise.

We have been professionally involved with mechanical noise and vibration for over 25 years. And it's the enjoyment of this engineering disciplines that keep us working in noise and vibration. Therefore, we established a noise consultancy because we are passionate about what we do.

As a very experienced consultancy in mechanical engineering, vibration, and noise, we have the professional expertise in noise monitoring and mitigating noise.

Mitigating the noise at the source is most effective and usually the easiest; but often it is not accessible or permitted.

So, when we must mitigate noise levels, we seek the most practical and most cost-efficient solution. We seek the solution anywhere between the noise source and the receptor as permitted. This provides you with an effective and cost efficient solution.

Noise standards that we use most often

As mechanical engineers we design and improve equipment, products and machinery to blend in with its surrounding environment (and extreme environments). In these cases, we use industrially recognised noise standards to industrially recognised noise standards to gauge the sound levels.

Which are accepted by local authorities and world wide.

We perform noise assessments and surveys using typically the following standards:

These standards are the most likely to be prescribed by the council and the planning authorities. Because of this, we provide a noise and mechanical engineering consultancy to improve equipment and machines.

For matters related to new products, equipment and machinery, we target vibration levels that lead to high noise levels. This approach will involve many more measurements, noise modelling and model updating exercises.

For more information on vibration services, read our pages relating to vibration consultants.

How to resolve your noise concern

No matter what noise concern you have, we are most likely able to assist you. If you have noise problem or resolving it is not as straight forward as originally thought; call our noise consultant.

how to get more information on nosie?

You can contact us now on 01908 643433 to speak directly to a noise consultant.

If your query relates to acoustic noise or vibration, we are also an acoustic consultancy and a vibration consultancy.