Vibration Testing

Why vibration testing is important

  • Product design requirements state that the product must function reliably in vibration environments.

  • For vibration certification, validation and/or verification, a vibration test is required to proof that the product is fit for purpose.

  • To update a numerical model of the product or to verify the assumptions made in the vibration analysis software, i.e. finite element analysis software.

  • To meet vibration design standards and provide proof of test.

  • The severity of a failure in the field, i.e. to include in the Failure Mode effects and Analysis (FMEA) and/or the Design Verification Plan (DVP)

  • Improve the life span or lifecycle of the product

  • Improve the quality of the product

  • Investigate electronic failures when exposed to vibration

  • Warranty claims, due to vibration, are cutting into your profits

Our vibration testing expertise

We are mechanical engineering consultants with a bias to vibration engineering and vibration testing. We have vibration tested many aerospace, industrial, automotive and off-highway instrumentation, equipment and machines to different vibration testing profiles and durations as specified in RTCA/DO-160 section 8 (vibration testing) and Mil-Std-810 vibration testing section, using different vibration test equipment.

Through vibration testing, we have gathered invaluable expertise and knowledge from the activities in getting the products to pass their vibration tests.

It is this vibration testing experience and expertise that we are offering you in designing, improving, and ensuring that your product passes vibration testing satisfactorily and operates reliably and robustly in their vibration environment.

How we help you succeed!

The sooner we get involved with your product design for vibration, the higher the likelihood of you passing the vibration test satisfactorily.

Designing for vibration environments must be considered as soon as possible. The engineering processes for the successful design of the product is paramount. If the design is not focused on the vibration certification tests that are required to certify the product, the risk of failing the vibration test increases.

It is of the utmost importance that all your design and development engineers are educated on the vibration test(s) that will be conducted on the completed product design, to enable a satisfactory pass of the vibration test.

The sooner we get involved in your vibration test of your product, the better for you financially.

What you should do now!

If you have a vibration test planned, or you are currently designing a product that must undergo a vibration test, call us now on 01908 643433 to speak to a vibration specialist.

that the model behaves like the physical structure. Once the structural behaviour matches, we manipulate the mode shapes and natural frequencies to achieve a more favourable structural behaviour. A structural behaviour that can effectively isolate from the building.

Yes, this is a thorough approach. But progress is communicated. And when complete it will be the physical recorded data and improvement evidence that will put you at ease.

As mechanical vibration isolation consultants, we have extensive experience in vibration control, structural dynamics, modal testing and noise radiation mitigation. As excellent knowledge and expertise are required for complex vibration problems.

All these are necessary to ensure vibration and any noise radiated from the equipment can be mitigated.

Vibration Isolators and isolation systems

From natural rubber mounts to isolation systems, we can install efficient isolation mechanisms by controlling the transmission of vibration. even at very low frequencies

We have established a network of isolation mount suppliers that can supply the most appropriate isolation mechanicsm for the most effective result.

For more information on Vibration Isolation

Environmentally Sound Limited are vibration and noise consultants, as well as mechanical engineers. We have dealt with unwanted mechanical vibration in several industries for over 25 years.

If you need help with mechanical vibration isolation, call us on 01908 643433.

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